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Hair salon/Beauty parlor

Our salon conceives an atmosphere for adults who are upper chic and urban style. Quite a lot of mens stop by a salon. For you looking for the best suitable hair style!! Please feel comfortable and have a great time with a relax at a mysterious space of a salon.

A hair color specialist proposes a suitable color for you. In 1993, \\'imaii\\' generated the first colorist in Japan. At that time, people thought that a hair dress should do all kinds of things like cut, color, and perm by him(her)self. On the other hands, it was usual that each working should divided by a special field. From the concept of the Western, \\'imaii\\' would like to follow their wroking style. A professional colorlist gives an advice for you and offer a suitalble color.

A professional nailist always be at \\'imaii\\' where professionalists get together from all kinds of fields. Following a concept of \\'The first standard which means being on the top is natural\\', we serve a high-qualified skill of in all fields. It is same on a nail service. A professional nailist offers a high level of service including a nail art, jel nail, and foot nail to customers. A nail service can be done during cutting or dying so you may save a time. Please enjoy our services on a special seat with a VIP feeling.

4-28-21, Jingumae ,Shibuyaku
Business hours
[Tue.~Fri.] 11:00~21:00 [Sat.] 10:00~21:00 [Sun.・Holiday] 10:00~19:00

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