YOKOSO Omotesando

Cheng Pin Lu / 鄭 稟禄
Waseda University

Editor's note

Omotesando, which literally means "front approach" has a truly intellectual "approach" in addition to its flashy "front".

Cheng Pin Lu's photo

  • You're never too old to drop by Kiddyland.
  • When in doubt, visit her, the mother of Harajuku. She'll always have the answer for you.
  • Come take a walk in here, relaxation guaranteed.
  • Are you eating your daily vegetables? Drop by this store and buy some veggies.
  • Did you want to take some sushi home? You'll love it!
  • Look at the lineup of dolls! Cute, isn't it?
  • Omotesando, the place that leads Japanese fashion.
  • May I someday find that special someone.
  • Omotesando is the perfect place to take care of your hair
  • Their Chinese? Not so good. But it doesn’t hurt to go in, right?
  • Excellent English!
  • Look how pretty these girls are! Maybe you could be one of them…well, not exavtly.
  • Looking at these Ohashi makes me want to make my dining table prettier.
  • Getting older does not change my internal spirit at all.
  • Ooh, fancy building! Perhaps you'll bump into Mr. Taro Urashima?
  • Hand towel on the second floor? That makes me curious, let's go find out.
  • Sometimes the simplest white wall could be a perfect canvas to express yourself.
  • It's always relaxing to spend some time in the church, thinking of what will happen in the future…
  • A combination of Japanese culture and subculture!
  • As a responsible adult, you have to take good care of your health.
  • Here is a perfect place for you to feel the art close to you.
  • Who said making love cannot be fun?