YOKOSO Omotesando

Deng Jie / 鄧 潔
Keio University

Editor's note

Thanks to this project, I could discover the unique appeal of Omotesando and its liveliness.

Deng Jie's photo

  • Here is a convenient coffeeshop, perfect for a rendezvous!
  • Wine for lunch? Yes, why not?
  • I never thought it would be this hard to find a Japanese noodle place in Omotesando
  • Spending a refreshing time in a so-called "power spot", wishing a happy new year…
  • This modern building looks even better with growing vine!
  • A beautiful shot of the architecture and the city. Doesn’t it make you think of painting?
  • This picture reminds us of good old days from Showa. I wonder what the boy sees from the hole…
  • Beautiful city, don’t you think?
  • Perhaps the person who painted this was too energetic to fit these words in place?
  • Looks creative, doesn’t it?
  • Looks like we've got some cute things to buy for the kids!
  • This tall building is apparantly a beauty parlor. It seems like the kind of place celebreties drop by.
  • It surprises me how there are so many fashionable bicycles in Omotesando. It makes me want to start biking again.
  • A cup of coffee here, and enjoy the taste of Omotesando.
  • Seems like a new shop is about to open. Cute looking wall.
  • A shot of kids in Omotesando.
  • As a foreigner, finding an ad with foreign word on it makes me even more comfortable.
  • It makes me happy to find a nice restaurant like this.
  • I wonder what Genshi-Yaki is…
  • Here comes an intersection between Omotesando and Aoyama street! Let's walk around to learn more about Omotesando.
  • I guess luck is with me today! I keep bumping into nice restaurants.
  • A warm welcome from a cute puppy!
  • I heard that this is a place where young artists come and take classes. I wonder what kind of classes they have?
  • A neat lineup of vending machines!
  • Charging some energy for the afternoon…