YOKOSO Omotesando

Hu Wenye / 胡 文叶
Keio University

Editor's note

Knowing Omotesando is knowing a different face of Japan.

Hu Wenye's photo

  • Art is everywhere, even on the ground!
  • Don’t you love the street and how it has a lot of greenery?
  • Here is an excellent place for you and your special someone to have a meal!
  • I never thought a garbage tin could be so lovely…
  • Climbing long stairs is not so hard when you think about a beautiful landscape you'll find at the end.
  • My friend, are you tired?
  • Free live music! It makes me feel so good.
  • Excellent architecture, don’t you think?
  • If you fancy a quiet place to sit, this is a place for you.
  • Why do cycling men look so good in Omotesando?
  • A combination of nature and architecture.
  • I wonder what kind of business is being ran in this orange building…
  • Even rubbish box here is charming.
  • Western-style?Japanese-style?
  • I wonder what will be there, at the end of this greenery…
  • Who are you? Stop gazing at me!
  • How do you like the idea of Japanese potting?
  • I'm a fashionable rubbish box…
  • For some reason, this neon lamp makes me nostalgic from the past memory.
  • A welcome to visitors from China.
  • Did you ever think that Spiderman and gorilla could be excellent actors?
  • Find the one just for you.
  • Colourful bicycle for your colourful mood.
  • Not for you, for your cat.
  • Be careful not to step on the flowers at your feet!
  • Hello sir, aren't you also a decoration of this display?
  • Watch out… A mysterious entrance!
  • The VIP seat for you and your special someone.
  • You thought nobody was paying attention to your romance, but the flower is!
  • Welcome to Omotesando station!
  • Family time!