YOKOSO Omotesando

Luo Zhen / 羅 真
Waseda University

Editor's note

I wish even more people would come to this town and fall in love with it!

Luo Zhen's photo

  • Look how cute those colourful rings are! It's a doughnut shop!
  • Behind the trees, stand the mysterious stairs. I wonder where they lead us to?
  • Looking for a subway station? Look for this glass roof!
  • So, how do you like the combination of these colours?
  • So many floors to choose from…
  • Escaping with these stairs is no good, because it's not heading anywhere.
  • Going on a diet? Not so quickly girl, it's never too late to start from tomorrow.
  • Surrounded by trees and its shadow, this peaceful place always gives us relaxing time over coffee.
  • Gentle flow of people and cars through the greenery.
  • My big thanks to Mr. Spiderman, for keeping Omotesando neat and clean.
  • You don't have to head outside to find a relaxing place to sit…
  • Would all my dear smokers please smoke in here, please?
  • A vinyl café like this brings you back to the old times.
  • A coffeeshop with a red door.
  • Looking at this empty space, it's hard to imagine how exciting the show will be.
  • Seeing this kind of warm message makes me want to believe something beyond money.
  • Enjoy walking the high-fashion street of Tokyo, full of greens and sunlight!