YOKOSO Omotesando

Park Gayeon / 박가연
Yokohama City University

Editor's note

Columbus must have felt like I did at Omotesando when he discovered the New World.

Park Gayeon's photo

  • There are too many lovely things in Omotesando!
  • I smell the hint of Autumn…
  • A beautiful time begins as the street is silently lit up with illumination.
  • Here begins the beautiful winter of Japan!
  • A Christmas tree with colourful illumination and soft music. Spending romantic time here will be the best moment for you and your special someone!
  • Didn’t you know? Nowadays, even the ads for shops are made of 3D material!
  • As a girl, I remember craving for this kind of miniature dollhouse...
  • A little scary in the beginning, but I'm sure that you'll love their look eventually, as you get used to it.
  • It was interesting to see these manequins twist and turn!
  • You cannot ignore Ramen when you talk about Japanese food!
  • It's unbelievable how you can take a close look at the kind of clothes you usually only get to see on the runway.
  • Omotesando looks even lovelier when this lamp is within your sight…
  • Very original, don’t you think? Cute, too!
  • Found this sign in a shopping mall and thought it was super cute!
  • Omotesando, a city for fashionable folks.
  • Japan is a character lover's heaven. So much to choose from!