YOKOSO Omotesando

Sirikamolmas Chanisa
Waseda University

Editor's note

The real Omotesando is kind, warm and interesting.

Sirikamolmas Chanisa's photo

  • The traditional Kimono blends perfectly well with Omotesando, the centre of modern fashion!
  • Are you tired? How about taking a short rest in the best spot of this lively town?
  • No age limit and no speed limit when it comes to fun.
  • A piece of art in itself, this mystery building awaits your discovery.
  • Ooh look. at the strange creature, head filled with cans of juice. I guess coins are the only thing she eats?
  • Real life fashion show! Show off and express yourself!
  • Ooh, a luxurious limo. Who is the celebrety? You or me?
  • This is what happens when the East culture meet the West culture.
  • On the lucky day, you will find our beautiful Meiji-Jingu getting lit up at night.
  • Midnight Cycling! This is what I call a new trend in modern society.
  • Be careful not leave your glass stiletto behind when you're coming down the staircase.
  • We are waiting for the final round! The fight is about to begin.