YOKOSO Omotesando

Zhang Jing / 張 京
Waseda University

Editor's note

You'll never be bored with Omotesando. There is always something to discover no matter how many times you visit.

Zhang Jing's photo

  • One way to enjoy Omotesando is to make a good buy of Japanese goods.
  • Let's close our eyes and focus on the prayer's voice…
  • Want to go get something fashionable? Well, you've made the right choice to come to Omotesando!
  • Look how powerful his face looks!
  • Here is a virtual saleslady who'll be at your service for the day.
  • Walking down this street makes me wanna eat Odango, a Japanese dessert.
  • I wonder if there is any other place in the world that sells crepes of salmon and salad?
  • Who thought you'd be able to buy shampoo bottles and hairclip on a vending machine? Amazing, really!
  • These cats are landmarks for the Ohashi store I Omotesando!
  • Did you know you could use a vending machine as a signboard of your store?